About Nica Tacos

Nica Tacos was created after we spent six idyllic months in a small seaside Nicaraguan town just near the border of Costa Rica chasing the perfect wave.

As the Spanish language became part of our everyday lives it opened up plenty of opportunities to mingle and make friends with locals, in particular a loveable character known as "Sargento," an old Nicaraguan army general (complete with missing fingers from his battles)!

As we spent more and more time with our new buddy he knew of our own personal passion for cooking and introduced us to a unique rotating Nicaraguan army stove, traditionally used to cook for the masses.

Our time in Central America was sadly coming to an end (back to reality!) after possibly the most tacos consumed by 2 people in a short space of time. Nica Tacos was born and we began our trek home with our own stove design and mouth-watering recipes inspired by all the amazing characters we met along our journey.

Since launching in October, 2012 Nica Tacos has grown at a phenomenal speed, making a name for itself in both local and state wide festivals and markets. 

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